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Cut Cloth is an exhibition, publication and series of workshops that examine the shifting role of textiles within contemporary feminist art practices.


Cut Cloth contemplates the rise in popularity of art textiles and its impact on its value as a specifically feminist mode of expression. Once a belittled and marginalized medium, it was a radical act [in itself] to bring women’s work into the gallery space. Artists looked to both subvert and celebrate textiles in order to disrupt the very femininities that it played a role in constructing. This project of reclamation and elevation is by no means finished- textiles still sit in an ambiguous space between art, craft, private and public space. However the increasing popularity and commercialisation of textiles, and of feminism in art and culture must be reflected upon. Cut cloth looks toward strategies that respond to these new challenges, drawing upon feminist legacies whilst acknowledging the shifting politics of cloth in contemporary culture.


Exhibiting Artists: Hannah Hill, Katie Lundie, Rebecca Halliwel Sutton, Sarah-Joy Ford, Sophie King, Eleanor Edwardes, Orly Cogan, Wendy Huhn, Tilleke Schwarz & Bethan Hughes


Contributing Writers: Professor Janis Jefferies, Elizabeth Emery, Charlotte Cullen, Dr Julia Skelly, Dr Alexandra Kokoli, Dr Christine Checinska, Gill Crawshaw & Jesse Harrod


The project is led by Sarah-Joy Ford and is kindly supported by Arts Council England, The Portico Library and The Whitworth Art Gallery.


Further information and booking workshops can be found on the Portico website. Please note that The Portico is accessible via stairs or a stair lift. Please see further details on their website: 


Cut Cloth: Contemporary Textiles and Feminism

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